Saturday, July 24, 2010

*Warning: this is an OLD summer post and mostly for my benefit to have recorded.*

Okay, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

May = a CRAZY month for the Hunt household! Lucy turned 2 on May 5th, Miles's Spring program at "school" was on the 6th, I turned 31 on the 7th, John graduated on the 8th and Mother's Day was on the 9th. Whew. I forgot how busy that week was! John won the Hemphill Award (the top graduate in the whole damn school award):) I am so proud! He has taken the long road for his Master's BUT, in his defense, during those 7 years he has had a more than a full-time job, two children, a crazy wife :), presented a paper at a bible association conference (I don't really know but its a good thing) and maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. Wow, I am impressed more and more with him.

Lucy turned 2 and I didn't think she could get much sassier, but I was wrong. In her words, "I twooooooo". She is the funniest child I have come in contact with yet. She hides food in her pockets (so gross and often surprising), she is potty training herself, she loves her babies with passion, she is addicted to her paci and I even caught her climbing into her crib to get one last lick off the thing before breakfast. She kills me. Don't worry, we moved her to a big girl bed and she "wuv's her big girl bed!" She also has started saying, "Sank you so much mommy." Funny girl. She has a natural sense of humor that is really challenging to me when it is time to get in trouble. She will put her napkin over her face and reach out her arms and growl and say, "you scared mommy?" Her favorite outfit: a diaper, Fancy Nancy heels, head lamp around her neck on the "flashing" setting and her purple sunglasses - wow, it's a sight! :)

Miles is 3 (I often can't believe I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old!) and is becoming more and more mature. The horrible 3's are fading and I love how much he has grown up this summer. He is obsessed with numbers lately and uses them as adjectives and nouns and it is cracking me up.
A typical conversation for us:
"Mom, I think this truck is like 38."
"Like 38 dollars?"
"No mom, it's like got 42 and stuff around the side, you know?"
"Yeah, that's what it is, like 38 with 42 around side."
"Oh, well that sounds neat."

Yeah, I'm usually confused too.:)

In June my dear, sweet, slightly crazy mother hosted "Nana's Camp" for ten of her grandchildren. My sister's and I got to help out and it was FUN! Miles got to participate this year and even spend the night with his cousins. It was part of his reward for potty training completely. That's right, he just completely potty trained in May - a year in the making!!! He simply decided one day that the potty was cool and that was that. He doesn't sleep in a pull-up and he has only had one accident since the day he decided. Why oh why did I spend all that energy and prayer over it? Live and learn. :) Anyways, during Nana's Camp, my mom took all of the kids to see Karate Kid and Miles has been karate chopping everything ever since. That movie was definitely not age appropriate for him, but a little cousin peer pressure and I was sunk.:) He will bow, then pull out his blade hands and then you are toast! :) Ha! I caught him bowing to a poor, innocent, slightly weaker child in the Chick-fil-A play area and went running because I knew that kid had no idea what was about to come his way! Luckily, I caught Miles's karate chop mid-air and no harm was done. We now only play Karate Kid at home and only if the other person is willing to defend themselves. :)

The rest of the summer had been busy and full of play dates and flimsy back yard pools and hours running through the octopus sprinkler and popsicles and dollar movies at the theatre and story time at the library and birthday parties and weddings and too many sonic drinks to count. This has been one of my favorite summers because the kids are a little older and at a really fun age. I love all the stages, but it has just been a little easier this summer than last summer.

We only have about a month left and then school begins and life gets really busy. But, new things are on the horizon for us and that is always exciting. More details to come.