Monday, March 9, 2009


My sister, Sara, and I often call each other and say, "I win." This means that that person's day has been the hardest and we get to feel sorry for each other and this gives that person the right to vent or cry or laugh or whatever. Today, I win.

Yesterday evening I started to feel a little sick to my stomach. Nothing big, just figured I should sip a sprite and then maybe try to eat something. I often loose track of when I have last eaten, I know that is sad. So, I take a few bites of my black bean burrito (why in the heck did I think that was a good idea?) and decided I better not. I put the kids to bed and clean the kitchen and sit down at the computer. Let me note that John is on spring break mission trip and that my mom had back surgery and is in a brace and can not lift more than five pounds, so I am alone with the kids. Then, my stomach really starts to hurt and I am feeling nauseous and I think, "NO! I just had the stomach bug last week! God, I am sorry for whatever I did." Sure enough, two minutes later the mayhem begins. I spend the rest of the night hovered over the toilet. I did have to stop and be thankful that neither child was up and that I could be alone during all of this. Once when Miles was little and I was pregnant and John was gone, I got the stomach bug and Miles clapped every time I threw up - It was awful. Anyways, I text John at 5:30 in the morning when the throwing up had subsided and told him to come home. Thankfully, the BSM trip is Mission Abilene this year, so he was willing to help out. He comes home and gets the kids dressed and takes them with him to breakfast with all the mission trippers. I try to rest and then take a shower. I thought I was feeling better, but oh no, now the d-word begins. Are you kidding me? Surely there is nothing left. John drops the kids back off and I am trying to pull myself together. Lucy takes a morning nap and Miles is running around hyper b/c he had doughnuts for breakfast. He wakes Lucy up. :) I am cranky because I am so nauseous and the cramping is getting really bad. I change two dirty diapers and run to the bath room to barf in between. I say, "oh shit." Miles says, "oh shit." Ugh! I have got to pull myself together! Then it is time to make lunch. Don't worry, I have been washing hands like crazy! Miles does not want the grilled cheese sandwich I have made for him, of course, but I am not making anything else because I am too sick and I am sort of waiting for his throwing up to begin at any moment. Lucy, on the other hand, eats a whole banana, cheese, whole wheat toast, green beans, whatever she can get her hands on! I run to the bathroom at least twice during lunch and actually throw up during the clean up. UGH! After lunch its nap time but I know that it is going to be brutal. I was right. Neither child will go to sleep and I am on the verge of breaking down so I put them both in Miles's room to play trains and I lay down on his bed. Surely my stomach will calm down soon. Miles is getting rough and Lucy keeps crying and I think, "I'll just drive them around until they fall asleep or until I can get a hold of my self and not hurt them." :) I do and it works, sort of. I get really car sick and way too sleepy and the minute we get home Miles wakes up. Lucy, thankfully, stays asleep. So, I call my sister crying and she says to put on a movie and let Miles chill and for me to lay down. So I do and it helps. Then Lucy is up and needs a bottle and Miles needs a snack and I totally have to throw up again. John shows up and takes Miles to dinner with him and I kept Lucy. Great plan. More cooking of food and more d-word for me. I can't stop the nausea. Lucy eats well and plays well and takes a great bath. Then, I see her stop splashing and start grunting. Are you kidding me?!! Not today! Yep, she totally POOPS IN THE TUB! I run to the toilet and dry heave and cry. :) Okay, I can do this. I of course clean up Lucy and the tub, etc. Then Miles is home and needs a bath (I made it really quick) and I finally get them both to bed. I am still feeling a little nauseous but feel like the worst is over. No signs of sickness from the kids so I am thankful. Seriously, how does this stuff happen when I am alone!