Friday, April 3, 2009

Hunt family fun-cation!

Last weekend we took a little trip to Grapevine for "A Day Out with Thomas" (the train). Miles is crazy about Thomas, excuse me, Tommy. They're good friends. We decided to make a little family "fun-cation" out of it since we didn't do much for Spring Break. Of course we signed up late so the only train ride left was the one leaving at 9:00 am on Saturday morning. We took a deep breath and decided, okay, we can do it. So, we signed up, paid the money, etc. Low and behold, Saturday morning it was 30 degrees, windchill of 26. Wow. No refunds, no exchanges or rain checks. What can you but laugh and pull out your snow gear? But, I have to say, the four of us had a really great time. Don't get me wrong, the train ride was a total rip off considering that we stood in line for an hour and then went up the track for about 12-15 minutes passing the lovely waste plant and what I am pretty sure looked like a homeless people compound and then headed back the other way to the station. John and I were laughing at how ridiculous the scenery was and at how Miles was loving every minute of it. They had a silly conductor come out and punch our tickets and do a little dance to the music that came over the loud speaker and he gave high fives. Then at the Grapevine Vintage Railroad station there were all kinds of activities for the kids and tons of train tables set up where they could play and food stands and an outdoor stage where there was live entertainment (we totally skipped that in the 30 degree weather). It was fun. We had no real agenda except to get on the Tommy train at 9:00. We decided to eat at the Rainforest Cafe the night before and do a little shopping at Grapevine Mills. Then, after the Thomas festival we headed to the Galleria to meet my younger brother and his family and do a little more shopping. Then, we all headed to Arlington to my sister Sara's house for a little pizza party. It was so fun to see my siblings and their family on our way through. So, here are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

Here we are at the Rainforest Cafe the night before Thomas Day.

Morning of Thomas Day, 8:00 am.

Miles made some friends on the train ride.

The "really BIG Tommy train" as Miles would say.

My boys!