Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Don't you love fall? I have already made pumpkin bread, an apple pie, candy corn snack mix, and indulged in a few pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. Plus, it has gotten down in to the 50s at night for almost a week here in Abilene and today the temp never climbed above 75. What more could a West Texas girl ask of October?

Life is marching on here at the Hunt house and I am barely able to keep rhythm lately. Miles is transitioning from baby to KID. He is so funny and impressionable and always up for having a good time. I love his personality and have been praying, make that begging God, that I would not hinder it in any way. Lucy is getting big quick. She started rice cereal and is not quite sure if she likes it. For the most part, she is very offended by the spoon but, she is no quitter either. She opens her mouth every time and then cries when the cereal gets in her mouth. She makes me laugh.

John is busy with BSM and school (he is in class now and taking 9 hours of grad work this semester). We feel like we barely see each other lately, but he only has one more trip until January - praise God! He and the BSMers are going to Houston for a little Hurricane Ike relief. He leaves next Thursday, Oct. 16 and will be back Sunday the 19th. So pray for him and the students. :)

I am busy with Pilates training. I have another 3 day training coming up this weekend. This will be my 6th training so far and I am feeling the burden of it all (not to mention the achy muscles). But, I'm in the home stretch and am thankful that I have enjoyed it thus far!

Overall, we are doing great and having fun being a family of four. John and I are enjoying watching our kids begin to interact with each other. Miles LOVES to make Lucy laugh! He gets so proud of himself and Lucy thinks every thing he does is so funny. We love it.

Here are some recent pics. Enjoy!

Here is Lucy before her rice cereal debut! Doesn't she look great in red?!

Lucy is very uneasy about that spoon getting any closer to her mouth.

Licking her fingers! She's gettin' the hang of it!

Miles was a great helper!

Miles, the creative genius. He built this all by himself out of items from our pantry. Who needs toys?

Miles is dancing in front of his creation. He is always up for a little booty shakin'!

Lucy loves doing Hebrew homework with Daddy!

John and Miles on the new truck!