Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pregnancy the 2nd time

I am only 3 days from delivering my second child so I thought I would take time to reflect on the last nine months.

First Trimester
Early signs of miscarriage that unfortunately led to several vaginal sonograms. Yeah, they're bad. And awkward.

Nauseous all the time. Threw up before my exercise classes, during them, and after them. Drank a lot of ginger ale which now, of course, the very smell of makes me sick to my stomach.

Second Trimester
Lady in my RPM class yells out in front of the whole group, "Jou got a baby in there or just been eatin' alot? Your stomach's gettin' big but your arms are skinny, skinny!" At the gym, neither of those features are good.

Got a super bad cold and a stomach virus all at the same time. :) As I was hugging the toilet, my then 16 month old son blew raspberries on my arm and clapped every time I threw up. My husband was working late.

Found out it is a girl and immediately starting looking for the perfect pink paint! :)

Went to Body Attack, like I normally do, but this time did not realize my baby was bigger and my bladder was weaker. Yep, peed right in my pants after the first two songs, too much jumping. I promptly got my water bottle and "spilled" it on my pants. Then excused myself.

Third Trimester
At an appointment my doctor made a corny joke. I laughed courteously and said, "Ah, you're cute." My face immediately turned red, as did his, and I asked, "Did I just say that out loud?" AWKWARD!!!! We are still a little awkward with each other.

Thought I was having regular contractions at 29 weeks, went to see the dr. Turns out, it was just gas pains. Or braxton hicks - which aren't supposed to hurt. Totally embarrassing. But, like Rachel from Friends said, "no uterus, no opinion!"

Got a bad sinus infection and decided to get a steamer that you put your face down in to relieve some of the pressure. Totally burned my nose and had a big red mark on one nostril. Nice.

Had a freak out, crying moment in the dr. office because I had still been doing ab exercises, even though he told me not to, and I was freaking out that something was wrong with the baby. He sent me for a sonogram, everything was totally fine.

Doctor said I could be induced on Monday, May 5th. Cinco de Mayo!!! Nine days early from my original due date. Ole!!